What is the difference between the Recovery Zone and Zone 1?

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    Travis Gerbatsch

    First – I just want to say thank you to the coaches for answering the forum posts. I took my fair share of Masters classes during COVID and understand the forums can be frustrating.

    On a separate note – I was reading Training for the Uphill Athlete and on page 92 I read, “Heart rate for recovery workouts should be at least 20 percent below the upper Zone 1 heart rate.”

    House, Steve; Johnston, Scott; Jornet, Kilian. Training for the Uphill Athlete (p. 92). Patagonia. Kindle Edition.

    Just curious what is the primary difference and when my the training schedule calls for a recovery run should I just stay below my level 2 or stay 20 percent below?

    For reference my upper zone 1 is 128 BPM and therefore 20 percent below would be 103, which feels very slow.

    Thanks again for the time and assistance.


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    pedro on #77984

    Hi Travis,

    Those 20% are more obvious as you are more trained and your aerobic threshold is higher. To someone that is still doing base training, its not in a good physical form, a zone 1 workout should be enough as reference.
    In every workout, what you should focus is on the target heart rate, doesn’t matter you walk now or run , the heart will only understand the target rate that he needs to work. Soon , if you comply with the requested heart rate targets, you will go from a fast walk to a run , or a small jogg to a fast run at a heart rate.


    Pedro Carvalho

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