What is the best training plan to ease back into exercise after a foot injury?

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    What is the best training plan to ease back into exercise after a foot injury?

    Obviously, this is loaded and will depend on your goals.

    Background: Prior my injury, I had been walking/jogging for ~ 3-6h/week on an inclined treadmill for ~3 months and lifting weights. My foot injury kept me completely sidelined until 11/2019 (metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, ???), when a Physical Therapist recognized that this was a Plantar Plate injury. The PT crafted an orthotic similar to the link below. It took awhile to get the off-loading correct, but it is doing so much better now. I’m able to walk/hike/jog/lift. I’m also able to Nordic ski (Classic) for ~1.5-2h without issue.

    My Goals: Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Ski Race in March 2021, and not re-injuring my foot along the path to recovery. I’ve previously participated in SkiMo races and hut skiing. The good news is that I have over 1 year! I’m also fortunate to live in CO ~ 30 minutes West of Denver and I have access to vertical training outside.

    Current State or Facing the Brutal Facts: 40. Overweight. DadBod. ADS. Likely to “Carp,” for air if pressed. I love running, but know that I shouldn’t until this foot is fully healed, I’ve built up an aerobic base, and dropped some pounds along the way.

    Leaning Toward: 12 Week Trekking Plan, then re-assessing. I wish that there was a plan that leveraged roller skiing to mitigate foot pounding from running/jogging and to work longer time durations. I understand that running is the king of exercises for building up an aerobic base and does not require extra gear. I’m also on Uphill Athlete’s Forums. Training on Classic Rollerskis uphill would likely push HR up into Zones 3-5 pretty rapidly. I’m thinking flatter, bike path, cruising.

    What do you think of this approach?
    What is the recommended Uphill Athlete Training plan for easing back into exercise after a foot injury?


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    Anonymous on #39184

    With any plan, the activity that is shown is the ideal activity for the training. But it’s not a barrier for substitutions. Roller skiing would be an excellent substitute in any of our plans as long as it doesn’t aggravate your injury.

    Dave on #39199

    Thanks Scott. Do you think that the volume/time of exercise should be extended if substituting rollerskiing for running, versus walking?

    Anonymous on #39241

    If the 2021 GT is your goal, then roller skiing will be more specific training, so no, not at all. In fact, even after your foot is healed, keep roller skiing.

    Dave on #39257

    Awesome. Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it!

    Anonymous on #39260

    One more important point about roller skis: They don’t have brakes.

    Training for skimo, I would go to the longest steep paved road we have in our town with a vehicle and three bikes. I’d lock the bikes up at the top, then drive down. Ski up, bike down, repeat.

    I suspect it was entertaining to those that saw me biking downhill on the laps where I used a 16″ kids bike…

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