What is constant heart rate and gently rolling hills

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    I’m unemployed and can’t afford TP. I also saw on a different thread you can back your way into your AeT by keeping a constant heart rate and dividing your miles of the 1st and 2nd 30min.

    My wahoo gives me average heart rate for the entire session and every mile. So if it says my average heart rate for every mile is 145 and my max heart rate is less than 10% higher than my average than my average is this constant enough? Or should it be 5%? Or should I record a session for the 1st 30min and 2nd 30min and compare the 2 average heart rates and mileage?

    Also what is considered gently rolling hills?

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    Anonymous on #46610

    The basic Training Peaks account is free and you would be able to analyze the first and second halves of your runs that way. If you are running on rolling or hilly terrain you will not be able to nail down your AeT. Please watch the AeT video as it explains all this.

    If you are trying to build aerobic base with these runs it is not the average HR you care about. It is the maximum HR you care about. You want to keep the HR below the AeT to develop more aerobic capacity.


    juskojj on #46617

    Really bc on my phone all graphs say I need premium account, so I must be stupid bc I can’t figure it out.

    Also on your drift test article for outdoor testing it says flat or very gently rolling hills so what is it? I was asking what is considered gently rolling!

    Here’s from your website:
    esting Outdoors
    Run, preferably on a flat (or very gently rolling)

    You also said in another response to a guy you could back into your AeT with keeping a constant heart rate, I was asking what is considered a constant heart rate, which you also didn’t answer.

    Anonymous on #46639

    Sorry I didn’t respond in the correct way. By gently rolling I would say less that 100ft/ mile of elevation gain or loss.

    As for what is a constant HR. I would say plus/minus 2-3 beats.


    juskojj on #46659


    Thanks for the clarification

    One other question.

    If I did a heart rate drift test on the treadmill without loading into TP, could I just use my Wahoo and after warm up record 2 different 30min sessions and compare those since Wahoo automatically gives me the average for the entire session. I’d be constant speed and you’re still comparing averages of heart rates between the 2 halfs.

    hikerobby on #46818

    Sounds like that would work if you start it after a warmup when your HR stabilizes at that pace, and then if you quickly end and begin the next one after 30 mins while still moving at same speed.

    Anonymous on #47289

    Seems simpler to do a session at a constant speed and press the Lap button on your watch at 15m (after the warm up) and at 45m (after the first 30′ lap), then stop at 1h15m. You can then compare the averages between the two 30m laps in TP for free.

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