What do I do after the Freeride plan is complete?

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    Lindsey Clark

    First timer here, been plagued with injuries the last 10+ years and am finally doing a structured training plan to hopefully work-harden my joints — knees specifically.

    I’ve completed 11 weeks of transition period training (based on TFTNA) and am now two weeks into the Freeride plan. So far, so good.

    I’ve timed the Freeride plan so I’ll have two taper weeks before ski touring season gets rolling in mid-November. Then resort skiing starts generally in late November / early December.

    Once ski season is in full swing, what do I do with myself? Do I use skiing as my aerobic portion of my training and then do something different for strength workouts? Our ski season is a full seven+ months here in Oregon and I’m kind of in love with lifting weights at the gym — have a hard time imagining not having that as part of my life during ski season.

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