What counts as Zone 1 training?

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    In training for the new alpinism, in the example programs you often see one zone 2 session, and two zone 1 sessions where one is long. The guidelines say for example that zone 2 should be 10% of total weekly volume and the long zone 1 should be 30% and “the rest should be zone 1 or recovery pace”. If you have a 10 hour volume budget, that means the long zone 1 session is 3 hours, and zone 2 session is 1 hour.

    But there are also strength sessions in the program, and no other zone 1 sessions, so those two sessions don’t make up the 90% mark to get to 100% of training hours. What does this mean? Strength can’t be meant as zone 1, so does this mean we’re supposed to add in endurance sessions here and there to get the other 6 hours?

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    Anonymous on #3435

    My understanding is that those other six hours should be at or below Zone 1; i.e. recovery pace.

    LindsayTroy on #3442

    The way that I plan it is this:
    10 total hours

    – Long Zone 1: 3hrs
    – Zone 2: 1 hr
    – Strength: 2x 30 min = 1hr/week
    – Volume Zone 1 = 10- 3 – 1- 1= 5hrs

    And you make up the 5 hours throughout the week in whatever chunks you can/want.

    Edit to clarify: I read “Make up the rest of the volume” to mean after you’ve subtracted out strength and/or climbing (I don’t personally subtract climbing time but I do keep track of how long I climb) the rest of the time you do in zone 1

    surly on #3681

    Are ya’ll mapping your zones from the book, Training Peaks defaults or something else?

    The ones I am used to are on Strava, the Training Peaks are more granular and the book is yet another. I really need to simplify and hearing from folks who have progressed in these plans would help as I have just started (and yet to reconcile the difference between MAF calculation and AeT test results but that’s a secondary issue)


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