What are your upcoming climbs/events/goals that made you join?

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    Edgar Carby

    Several people have posted this in the location thread but I thought I’d break it out.

    I’d love to hear everybody’s climbs/events/goals that made you join MTG since I find it really inspiring to learn about people putting in work and going for it.

    I’m headed to Denali on a guided climb in June 2022.

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    p.tenaerts on #58912

    Everest Basecamp March/April 2022. I should have really scheduled a partial knee replacement in stead of this but there you have it. I have not been doing much since Covid but have done triathlons and an Ironman. Living in Florida but planning on moving somewhere for 3 months so I can train better at altitude should that make sense. Trying to strengthen my legs so my knee will not act up.

    DJW on #58915

    Greetings, no major ‘expeditions’ set, but two in planning stages, including a return to Nepal (Fall 2022), where I lived, off and on for close to a decade, and an Alps excursion with mates (Summer 2022).

    I’ve successfully used Uphill Athlete (UHA) modules prior and am a TP veteran of several years. My primary interest/impetus for joining this program is my trust in the UHA ideology and my desire to learn.

    I am an ageless adventurer, now 60, a lifelong learner, and have a keen interest in forward-looking optimal performance and happiness – no comparison to me of yesteryear, but an optimistic gaze to the years ahead.

    bill on #58930

    last year, i returned to the mountains after a long break, spent a season of seeing all the beautiful PNW volcanoes from the tops of hills like silver star, and decided that climbing south sister, mt hood, mt st helens, mt adams, mt baker, and rainier would be fun. my first milestone on that road is to take the AAI alpine mountaineering course next august, which includes a climb of mt baker, and re-boot my very rusty mountaineering skills.

    Moiez K on #70979


    I have climbed Kilimanjaro and Cotopaxi (I know, trekking peaks) and planning on Ishinca and Tocllaraju in Peru in July 2023. I also do indoor rock climbing and have done some outdoor rock climbing. I LOVE this passion, want to learn and become a better mountaineer and climber and am EXCITED to be in this group. I have completed UA’s 24-week Plan a couple of times and have seen great improvements in my AeT.

    Richard Coburn on #70992

    Chimborazo and Aconcagua in Jan 2023 super pumped for it

    Ric Ch on #71004

    I’ve got 2023 Scotland winter climbing, summer European Alps and a Nepal season to train for… nothing defined yet I can’t predict the weather so I’m aiming to be there and fit as, with a good chance…

    Coming back from some injury & on a programme that’s been (in between further injury) a long slow base from zero… so this programme is part of a 2 year trajectory… currently finishing off some wok to fund next years play… so got to fit in family, work (which incl travel) and rest… no biggie…

    Moiez K on #71229

    Richard, those are challenging when done together. Are you doing these guided or unguided? Solo or in a group?

    Richard Coburn on #71235

    Actually I’m doing the Ecuador trip to help with acclimatization for Aconcagua. I’m going guided thanks for asking. But yeah I hope to train and be able to enjoy the trip as much as I can or bleed now to enjoy later or to hopefully survive lol.

    Shannon Phares on #71298

    Planning for Grand Teton, Jungfrau, Matterhorn and Eiger summer 2023. Hopefully get a chance to also get down and do the Jubilaumsgrat as well. We shall see how it all works out. 🙂

    Josh Majorossy on #71300

    Hey Everyone! I ‘m here to learn about structured and consistent training. I’m an alpine guide in Canada and want to be able to do this work for a long time. My goals are to be fit enough to work and climb big routes in the Rockies. Good luck everyone!

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