What are your upcoming climbs/events/goals that made you join?

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    Edgar Carby

    Several people have posted this in the location thread but I thought I’d break it out.

    I’d love to hear everybody’s climbs/events/goals that made you join MTG since I find it really inspiring to learn about people putting in work and going for it.

    I’m headed to Denali on a guided climb in June 2022.

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    Richard Draves on #58753

    I am training for Ama Dablam in fall 2022.

    krish on #58759

    Rainier next July 2022. 🙂

    Justin Jones on #58760

    I’m going on a guided expedition with RMI to climb Pico de Orizaba on their “volcanoes of Mexico” program. There’s 3 peaks on that trip at heights of 14,600ft/17,000ft/18,500ft in a 9 day period. So I’m hoping to boost my endurance but also my recovery.

    Down the line my larger project is to hit all 50 state high points, which means sooner or later Denali is on the schedule. I felt this program could set me in the right direction.

    Justin Jones on #58761

    Rainier is a good one! Maybe my favorite summit I ever bagged.

    Niv Slama on #58773

    I’m going on a guided expedition to Nepal to climb Island Peak in the spring.

    mattmay3s on #58780

    Also heading for Denali in 2022 – leave England on 20 May.

    Eicke Hecht on #58787

    I’m going to an expedition to climb Khan Tengri via the north route with some friends. I climbed Denali 2019 unguided with a friend as well @mattmay3s. If you have any Questions feel free to ask 🙂

    bernhard on #58820

    So I am in for a totally different goal – I just got a wonderful daughter (3 months old) and I have done exactly one run and one hike up a mountain since she arrived. On top of that I got some lateral epicondylitis and my left foot feels somehow strange since I am not doing as much running, hiking and climbing anymore. Before I went up some mountain almost every weekend with lots of ski mountaineering.

    Currently I need some motivation (read: social pressure) to get outside and do some training. And I want to learn how to apply, read and customize a trainingplan according to my level of fitness and a certain goal, which might come up.

    In the longer run my goal is to go ski touring on Baffin Island and Greenland. And of course I want to stay in shape for as long as possible to be a dad who goes into the mountains with his wife and daughter to have a great time together.

    hal on #58822

    Scheduled to climb Rainier with RMI in August 2021 with a longer term goal of Denali in 2023. I also race in several endurance events and plan to run/hike the Rim to Rim to Rim in the spring.

    I joined to learn the sport specific training for climbing. I hybrid train to meet the demands of multiple endurance events. Not sure if my current training regime will meet the demands for Denali.

    I am racing in the 25 hours of Frog Hollow this weekend. This will skew any attempt at a HR drift test on Monday.

    Danielle Grundey on #58825

    Scheduled for Rainier in July of 2022 with RMI. Lived in WA in 2010-2012 and fell in love with Rainier. A job relocation crushed my plan to climb in 2012. Better late than never.

    Everett Moran on #58826

    Nothing scheduled presently. My first Rainier attempt (poor conditions above Disappointment Cleaver ended the attempt) kicked my proverbial ass, making clear that I had focused too much on aerobic capacity and too little on leg strength and endurance. On top of that, I have been high centered for the past few years with regards to a consistent fitness and training regimen. A structured program, with specific goals and within a group should help me get going again.

    Umer on #58843

    I will be joining my Balti friends for Mingling Sar (6050M), Gondogoro (5585m) & a few more high passes in summer 2022.

    xenab.mansoor on #58851

    Climbing Denali in May/June 2022 with possible Kautz route on Rainier in August 2022. Been with uphill athletes for a long time but hoping to learn ins and outs of training for myself.

    Tim Weber on #58878

    I am from Indianapolis and am more of a Ultrarunner now, but have summited on Mt Rainier 3 times (Kautz route being my favorite), Whitney via the mountaineers route and Kilimanjaro. I have finished nine 100 milers. I am presently coming back from a traumatic foot injury, working myself back into shape. My goals for this upcoming summer: I have the Cruel Jewel 100 miler (33,000 ft of gain) Tahoe 200 miler (40,000 ft of gain), and lottery (and God) willing, Tor des Géants in Italy, a 200 miler with 79,000 ft of gain. All of these events have a great deal of climb and as a flatlander, I am excited by all that I can learn from all of you. Due to my foot injury, my fitness is woefully shy of where it has been for the last 20 years and especially where it needs to be by this summer. Frankly, I have been in a bit of a rut, but know that there is not much difference between a rut and a groove and signing up for this program I believe is going to be just the ticket to finding my groove again.

    Brian Giangardella on #58888

    Denali May 2022 with AMS.

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