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    We’re thrilled to be working with you all super soon. Just a couple quick reminders:
    1) Important – we will be holding our orientation Zoom Tuesday October 5th at 11am Pacific Time. You received the link in the registration email post payment. If you are new to FUA Group Training you’ll want to be sure to set up your TrainingPeaks account and Self Select the plan you’d like prior to that Zoom. Instructions were also in the registration email.
    We will be going over many of the ins and outs of both TP and the plans and how everything flows in our orientation Zoom. These Zooms are recorded for later viewing in case you cannot make that actual date and time.

    2) Training begins Monday October 11th in your training plans and our first official full group Zoom will be Tuesday October 12th at 11am Pacific Time. Again the links for that were in your registration email. We will begin by answering any training questions you have to get you rolling for the next week.

    3)This will be the Forum in which you can ask us questions outside the Zoom chats, and connect with one another!

    See you all soon!
    Carolyn and Maya

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    Anonymous on #58578

    Apologies Deanna I need to clarify and should have before. Did you just register for FUA group three on line? Our next group doesn’t start until January. Making sure you’re supposed to be part of group three since you’re such a late sign up?

    Deanna McCormack on #58579

    Yes I did! I’m not a late sign-up, just late to start the program after a family emergency over the last 2 weeks.

    Anonymous on #58580

    Got it ( :
    So sorry to hear about the family emergency , I hope all is ok now. We are thrilled to have you join us!
    Your program is all set and you’ve been upgraded to premium so just ignore TP prompts to do so. That will happen until your 14 day free trial ends.

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