Weighted ME workouts and trail running

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    Hello all,

    I’ve been starting a training plan inspired by TFTNA. Some background on me and my goals, I’m currently fairly out of shape but have been running and climbing on and off for the past few years, and in the coming months/years I’m hoping to follow a progression in trail running, alpinism, and skimo racing (starting with some regional trail races and a basic climb in the Cascades this summer/fall, but eventually I’m hoping to do serious technical climbs, long trail races, and skimo races). I’m currently based in the midwest (hopefully I’ll move to a mountainous state in the fall of 2020), so for the time being my main focus will be trail running.

    My main question here is how much do I want to differentiate my muscular endurance workouts from those in TFTNA if I’m more focused on trail running than alpinism for the time being? In spite of being in the Midwest I found out good place for it (about 60 vertical feet, maybe about as steep as a blue ski run). If I’m focused on trail running, will I still want to train with a fully weighted (20 percent BW) pack and heavy mountaineering boots? I’d been told by some people that it’s better to just train with a running vest on but that sounded fishy.

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    Dan: With your running goals being foremost right now I suggest using the ME program explained near then end of this article called “Specific workout for runners and skiers”

    Strength Training for the Mountain Athlete

    We have used this with lots of runners with great success.

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