Weight Work during large gap between races?

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    After mid-February, my next significant skimo race is not until the end of March, and then there are two weekends in a row.

    I have been using the 16-week advanced skimo training program with some adaptations and will be finishing it for the mid-February race.

    I intend to use one of the bonus weeks guides for between the two later season races but neither prescribed any weight work.

    As a former Nordic skier, I know weight work is fundamental to fitness on skis – so my question is what to do in the six-week gap? Just keep doing the Skimo Max Strength at the highest level? Do something more dynamic like Verkoshankys? Do I re-takeup the weight vest for more ME workouts? What would folks recommend?

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    Anonymous on #16310

    As you note; strength training makes up an important part of training for XC and Skimo. Midseason, however it can be tricky to use and see gains from it on a short term basis. The Advanced Skimo plan does not anticipate a 6 week midseason break. During such a long break it could be worthwhile including strength training. ME will be the most specific form of strength work for these events BUT you are also presumable doing some high intensity interval training during this break, which is even more specific and has its own ME demands. I would not normally recommend a focused ME block mid season. I did once use a late season 12 day/4 workout ME block with very good results with Erik Bjornsen but did no other intensity. I did similar once with Torin Koos with great results. Both these guys had exceptionally high work capacity.

    With Mike Foote how is not prepping for World Champs and a slew of other races in March we are doing 2 short general strength workouts/week. These are mainly core and low rep high weight strength. He is also doing aerobic intensity 2x/week.

    I’d be inclined to use this break for strength maintenance using a max strength protocol 1-2 short max workouts a week. This will least impact the important high intensity aerobic work yo need to be doing

    Sorry if this sounds confusing.

    yesisaidyes on #16314

    That completely makes sense, thanks. So something closer to the initial max strength workouts in the initial stages of the Skimo program or maybe even something with some dynamic movements like Verkoshanskys? (Sam had given me some of these as part of a training program for PDG last year so may implement those again.)

    Anonymous on #16328

    Be a little careful with power, dynamic jumping especially ME work mid season. With your 6 weeks though, you may be OK.

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