Weight gain during Transition and Base Phase?

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    Hi I recently used a scale which I don’t normally do, but was interested. The result was 183lb and last I checked was late summer before my current transition phase which yielded 175lb. In the recent period I’ve been doing much more strength training than during the summer. So I’m not surprised by the gain. I typically fluctuate 3-5lbs a day but not 10lbs. Is it typical to gain some weight in transition/base phase and just shed it during performance/race phase? Thank you.

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    luv2sharpen on #72604

    You probably have gained some muscle with increased strength work, also increased blood volume is often cited as a reason to gain up to a couple extra pounds especially as you are ramping up training to new loads.

    nickdhulster on #72617

    That makes sense. Thanks for the reply

    Erik Brown on #72748

    It is typical to gain some weight in transition and base phase and shed it during the performance phase since there is a change of the hormonal reaction in the body as it retains a lot of water before the start of the period. After the period that is the performance, you can feel the normal body weight. Personally, during the start of period, I usually feel some increase in the body size plus my tummy too while at the end of it, my tummy goes back to its flat size.

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