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    What are your thoughts on adding weight to my aerobic days as most of my endeavors include carrying a heavy pack? Should I be running with something similar ? I prefer running as my weekday activity and do run hills.
    Should I not be running at all if most of my endeavors are ski mountaineering ?

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    Hi Hillary,
    Yes you can add weight to your hikes. Begin with 10% BW and build slowly increasing to weight needed for your next trip increasing weekly by 2-3 lbs except on recovery weeks. As long as you aren’t overly sore. You can still run, however depending on the weight you’ll be carrying and length of trip you’ll want to start carrying load at least 2-3days a week and reducing running to just a day or two a week depending on the number of days you are training weekly.
    I wouldn’t add weight to the running beyond what you normally run with, that’s a lot of impact on the joints. Stick with loaded hikes.
    I hope this helps ( :

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