Weekend Adventures – How to Modify Training Plan

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    Elaine Mau

    I’m not sure how I can modify training programs when my weekend adventures (which I always forget to record!) is mostly a short-ish hike (30 min to usually max 1.5 hours in, lower range of AeT) with a heavy pack (rope, gear, food) and then belaying (resting/Zone 1) and climbing (usually below my AeT). They are usually 5-8 hours moving time per day so they definitely tire me out. So far, I’ve been mostly missing one aerobic training, but this weekend was a long weekend, so I’m not sure what I should do.

    I now want to incorporate indoor rock climbing in preparation for the spring season, but rock climbing is very different from the functional workouts, so would love some guidance!

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    Amanda Woodtke on #75870

    Also curious about this! I skipped all cardio this week (intermediate plan) because I have 3 days of ski touring coming up this week-end! I found I was completely depleted by recovery week trying to do all the cardio plus week-end adventures.

    Chantelle Robitaille on #75884

    It’s important to take into account how much effort/energy you are expending on any additional activities and scale the next days appropriately. If you need more rest, take it! Have a look at the total planned work for the week- how much extra work are you adding in? How does that feel for you? Use that information to scale things better for yourself the following week.

    Denisa Ronzani on #75924

    Hi, I have a question in the same topic realm: If you want to redo a training week, how can you manipulate that in Training Peaks?
    I know how to move workouts around, but not sure how to “add a week”.

    Thanks for all your time answering questions!

    Jennifer Louie on #75927

    Denisa, since we have the premium edition of Training Peaks, you can follow the directions here: https://uphillathlete.com/forums/topic/training-peaks-how-to-repeat-a-week/.

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