Week 12 of Base, No strength/ME?

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    Hi all,

    I am on week 12 of Base where it’s called recovery. It says to drop volume by 50%. On the relative volume charts the strength/ME is eliminated for week 12. Is that an error?

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    Anonymous on #40911

    Can you tell us what training plan you are using?

    Thanks, Scott

    CanadianDude on #40913

    Hey Scott ,

    I’m following the mountaineering program in TFNA. For week 12 it says reduce volume by 50 percent from week 11 but no comment for strength/ME. But then I look below on the graphic illustration for “relative volumes weeks 9-16 base…mountaineering” and the week 12 only has 90 percent zone 1 and 10 percent zone 2.

    Anonymous on #40984

    Correct. ME should be included in Z3, so for that plan, week 12 does not include any. Enjoy the week off!

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