Week 11 Back to Back Hill Climbs with weight

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    I’m in last day of Week 11 of the 16 Week Big Mountain Plan. Today was first of back to back hill climbs with added weight. Today did 3 hrs. with 2,500 ft. vertical w/ 25 lbs. in pack. Tomorrow calls for 3 hrs. with 1,000 feet vertical with NO added weight. My question: with less vertical should not the total time be reduced and does No added weight mean no weight beyond what I carried today? Thus far, everything going according to plan. I appreciate any feedback.



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    The instructions for day two of this back to back weekend is get a minimum of 1000ft vertical. We do this because on rolling terrain, which many people have as their only option 1000ft with mixed running and hiking should be doable. In your case since you did 2500ft in 3 hours the first day I suggest shooting for another 2500 the second day. I’d recommend only carrying water for this second workout.


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    Thanks for the response. I understand concept of hard day (water weight & 2,000′ vertical) vs easier day (1,000’w/o water carry). I also get duplicating the vertical covered. Just wanted to make sure I understand the individual calendar day objective. You answered my question. Thanks!

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