Weak single leg deadlift on one side – which muscles are weak ?

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    I’ve found that I’ve a significant difference between left and right legs when doing single leg deadlifts. Standing on my right leg it’s hard to complete a set of 10, unweighted. Deadlifts on my left leg are effortless by comparison.

    I’ve done the hip and knee strength assessments from TftUA and don’t find any particular weakness. Hip/Glute strength & knee tracking seem fine.

    Other single leg exercises like box step up, lunge, split squat are fine on both left and right legs with no noticeable difference in ability.

    My right leg abductors & hamstrings have been a lot stiffer and sorer following gym based ME – roll ball massage eases that out.

    Mobility is definitely more restricted on the right and very evident in yoga poses like the Lizard.

    I’m wondering if muscle group(s) might be weak and if so which ones and if there’s exercises other than single leg deadlift I can use to strengthen them.

    Also wondering what would be good for hip area mobility.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44309

    First thing that comes to mind is if there is a balance deficit between your legs. Are you doing the single leg deadlifts with a bar? You might want to take the balance component out of the exercise so you can focus on the strength stimulus. With greater strength, more balance will come, and you can also train this with different movements.
    The second thing is whether you have some neurological involvement into your right side. This is often a hidden cause and can be addressed by a more spine care focused program.

    Garret on #44312

    Hi Pete,
    I haven’t been using a bar.
    For spine care – is there some general spine work (mobility / strength ?) that I could do there to see if it irons out the problem before looking at something more specific ?

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44336

    Well, spine care is too large topic to cover here, and really it benefits from a more individualized approach. In broad strokes you could do some pelvic tilts, some rocking knees side to side, and some prone press ups for lumbar extension. During the single leg dead lift, I would actively engage your core with a strong squeeze, and see if it impacts your exercise sensations.

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