Water Carry Run/Hike Z3

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    In week of the beginner/intermediate skimo racing training plan, there is a Z3 water carry workout. The previous Z3 water carries have been in mountain boots. There isn’t any mention of wearing them in this description. Should I still wear them?

    “15′ warm up
    30′ up steep hill with 10% of body weight
    Hold HR @ AeT +15bpm
    Then 15′ easy up
    50′ easy down”

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    Anonymous on #10939

    Sorry for that mistake/omission. Yes, by now you should be doing these in boots.

    Thanks for pointing this out to us.


    hafjell on #10967

    Keep them on for the 15′ easy up and 50′ easy down (if on a stair master)?

    Since I can’t go down (or can I) on a tread mill, I’ve just been running in running shoes for the easy part.

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