Washington Cascades winter climbing partners

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    I’m hoping to pick up a few more partners for steep winter climbing in the Washington Cascades, and thought there might be some folks with similar interests on this forum. Somehow no matter how long my list of summer rock partners gets, the list for steep, rocky, and frozen things stays about the same size. I have many years of safe, conservative, but challenging alpine climbing experience. I live in seattle, but what with the gyms still closed I’ve been tr soloing at index a lot, so that would be a convenient place to meet up and climb a bit.

    dkralph at the gmail
    seven oh seven 601 _seven.three.five.seven_

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    sonnybatesmundell on #45174

    Hey, I’m in a very similar boat partner wise. Funny enough I’ve also been TR soloing a bit at Index lately. I’ll shoot you an email.


    mtncolin on #46237

    Hey guys (and anyone else). I’m looking to get out this winter as well. I also TR solo at Index LOL.
    I’m a NEWB when it comes to winter climbing and I’m not sure what western WA has for good winter routes. So far I was planning to trip out to Hyalite when the ice is in and do some of the easier/moderate routes on Mt Hood. Got stoke and gear.

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