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Warming Up for Z1/Z2

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    Kyle Brundage

    Just curious about something I have noticed a lot more recently; in starting most of my Z1/Z2 workouts the first 30 minutes feels like it’s a Z3 effort and I get seriously discouraged since it feels way harder than it should be as if I can’t get a full deep breath in and the pace feels way too fast. I start wondering if I need time off, an easier workout, or it is something I ate, slept, hydration, etc. is off.

    However, after that 30-40 minute mark something clicks and Z2 feels like Z1 and Z1 feels like recovery (I do have ADS, AnT = 178, AeT = 145, I do everything Z2 besides the longer 3-4 hour days or if I feel especially awful/lethargic) and even at higher Z2 feels pretty easy. I monitor with a chest strap and always have stable results, but I could have sworn I read an article on here about when first starting that cardio your body is not warmed up yet and explained the science behind it. I would love to know more about it, and I would love to hear that I am not alone or if there are any suggestions.

    Thank you

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    Anonymous on #42664

    Could you be starting too fast? It does take a while for the aerobic system to get fired up, so any warm-up should be slow and gradual.

    Aaron on #42826

    I find 30-45 min is required for me to ‘warm up’ and have perceived effort mellow out. For this reason I struggle with short flat runs with partners. I prefer routes that start on mid to steep uphill, then after a slow uphill grind the downhills or flats feel way easier and my running economy feels much easier.

    Kyle Brundage on #42888

    I took the last few days in trying different things, a 10 minute warm up with first increasing mostly speed then incline, and the opposite trying to raise incline first and speed later on. I did not notice much difference between either, until today I had to do my cardio workout non-fasted in the middle of the day. Understandably so things were much much easier, I did not move any faster at/below my AeT yet my perceived effort level was on a much easier level.

    I am very used to just waking up, drinking 1 bottle of water with carb-free protein powder and straight onto the treadmill but maybe I need more hydration or otherwise… I’m surprised since I have had 3 other days back-to-back of high Z2 efforts and a 90 minute uphill ME session (weighted). I have to consider if it was rest/diet/fat-adaptation and so on.

    Regardless, glad to hear I am not alone. It feels like it takes me forever to get zoned in, and getting there doesn’t always happen and then it just sucks through and through.

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