Warm-up question and weekly miles

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    Do you guys count the warm up before your workouts toward your weekly miles?

    Lets say I have a 5 mi run planned, should I break it down as, 1mi warm-up & 4mi Z2 for a total of 5miles?

    Or, 1mi warm-up & 5mi Z2 for a total of 6miles?

    Also, I am incorporating hill sprints and example in the book has me doing a 10 minute warm-up and a 20 minute cool down. Do I count that towards my weekly miles? Subtract that from my long runs?

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    Mariner_9 on #67755

    Hi jorgerobhernz,

    Perhaps it might be helpful to think about this question in terms of the TSS you’re targeting rather than the mileage. I.e. target a weekly TSS after accounting for the warm-up and cool-down. My guess is the reduction in TSS will be smaller than the reduction in miles.

    Mick on #68062

    I am sorry, but what is TSS?

    Jane Mackay on #68071

    Mick, this article explains what TSS is and how to use it.

    Understanding and Using the TrainingPeaks Metrics CTL and TSS 

    Mick on #68080

    Thank You

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