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    So, I started running consecutively last fall when I moved to Utah. Started on a flat trail by the river and progressed to trails. The past couple months I’ve have been running around 20-25 miles a week. 2 five mile days during the week and then 1 ten+ mile day in the weekends. My pace was around 10-13 mins/mile depending on how difficult the trail was.

    I just finished reading the book and decided to start right away today with the transition period at 20miles for the week 1.
    I used the MAF formula and came to:
    AeT- 152
    I ran today 2 miles at zone 2 on a flat road.

    So now,
    1) i was supposed to keep my heart at highest 152, correct? (I was able to breath only through the my nose the whole time.)

    2) for every exercise what I should care about the most is keeping my heart rate within whichever zone I’m working at right?
    So whether it’s running or walking I just care about the heart rate?

    The reason I ask is because I’d rather be on a trail Instead of a flat road but, with the many inclines I may just walk a lot instead of run.
    Would there be a difference walking on lots of inclines as opposed to jogging the entire time on a flat road?
    Thank you for taking the time to help me. I apologize for this really long post

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    Anonymous on #42804


    174 / 155 = 1.123 so 12% drift.

    However, your drift at 155 was only 2%, so your actual AeT HR will be higher, and could easily be 160.

    You can do as much of your training as possible at or below aerobic threshold. But when the AnT / AeT gap is less than 10%, then the exertion required in Zone 2 will be noticeably higher. Because it’s higher, it’s less sustainable, so then aerobic capacity work shifts to Zone 1.

    For example, if your AeT is actual ~158 (10% below 174), then you can estimate the top of Zone 1 is ~142. Recovery workouts would be even lower, perhaps mid-120s.

    jorgerobhernz on #43257

    Hey so quick update.

    So I got a more accurate hr chest monitor and ran the aerobic threshold test and got
    And so I’ve attached my results if you wouldn’t mind going over them please

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    Anonymous on #43320

    Can you make the workout public and post a link instead?

    jorgerobhernz on #43344

    aerobic test

    Just added the link!

    Anonymous on #43464

    Great. Thanks. The terrain was flat, so I think that you can go by the TP Pa:HR metric which was 5.38% with an average of 166 bpm. So I would use 165 as AeT HR.

    BUT: Do you know your anaerobic threshold heart rate?

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