Waking from nap and feeling like I just did an interval (?)

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    I’d appreciate feedback on this phenomenon where I sleep for 30 or so minutes and when awakened by an alarm feel a light burning in my lungs and general head-rush similar to having just done a 4 minute interval. In particular, I’m trying to understand as much as possible about overtraining and I’m wondering what these symptoms reflect about hormone balances or other contributors to OT. (Or…could this just be some sinus / lung infection that began healing during the short nap?)

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    TerryLui on #55575

    Do you have sleep apnea (aka snoring)?

    I’d suggest keeping a log/journal of what you’re experiencing from these naps and sleep in general (date, time, duration of nap, feeling upon waking up).

    The lung burning and head rush sound more like a medical issue than a training issue.
    Get a medical opinion (i.e. see a doctor)

    Thomas Summer, MD on #55592

    I recommend seeing a medical doctor. These symptoms can have many reasons. And it’s almost impossible to diagnose something online. Especially with only this little information.
    See your doc and report back, if you have any questions that he/she couldn’t answer.

    hope that helps!

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