Vo2 Max/Aet-AnT for 8w/16-24w plans.test that proctor thought was interesting.

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    Afternoon! Just had a VO2 Max, Aet/Ant test done.

    Btw, Seattle area can get tested at the Bellevue Pro Club, even non-members, 275, (Gas Exchange?) UW also tests at Huskies Stadium, 325, but its being fixed. ETA 4-6 weeks, (not sure on test).

    But, Male, 37, With Asthma. Per MAF would put me around 143 which was stupidly slow, 16:30/mile or so. I couldn’t even fully run, maybe run 30-50 steps, walk some, run 30-50 steps, etc. But even 24 hours later I was not even feeling if I had even done anything at all. Had sinus surgery in march this year, couldn’t do much for 3-4 months. Tho started small in May. (This past July was doing ~20 miles, 11-12 hours per week. BUT all this was done in the mid 150s-160s++ HR) August was spotty per sooo many fires around the Northwest. Took Sept/Oct off with some spotty hiking.

    Stared the 8 week mountaineering course right after turkey day. I hopeful, plan to either transition to the 16 or 24 week plan at the end. Looking to do Baker in ~July, Adams in August. With Rainier next year after I have, hopefully, learned some!

    143 has always felt just waaaay to easy.

    Been looking to get tested. And it took awhile to find a place.

    Per ACSM my VO2 Max of 34.45 is 15%, Hansen(?) is 105% for my age. Possibly because of Asthma? She didn’t put much stock in vo2 max either.

    The proctor thought my results were very interesting as my 50%/50% cross over is around 172 bpm ~92.5% of my max HR, 186. Per her asthma will push my zones slightly higher as my heart has to work harder(I get around 90-92% of the o2 a normal person my age gets or some such).

    Resting HR was at 100 when starting… but I was ready to go! She said thats common. (Normally around 59-63).

    But looking at this… I should train around 152 or so? Instead of 143?

    Recommendations appropriated! I also basically have time, so, if its to double the AeT training I can do so. ie: 8 week says do 1 hour, 2 do instead(still under AeT). No real commitments besides work.

    Thanks. Happy Holidays.

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    Jason on #7254

    Er looks like the images were to big for an upload. Put them on imgur.

    Edit: Also currently re-reading the Getting tested series. Seems, since my cross over is at 172bpm. I could train even higher than 152? hrmm… Very strange. I was almost SURE that I was horrible aerobically deficient. Back to reading!

    Excellent book/resources you guys have here! (bought a copy as gift!)

    JC vo2 Max

    Anonymous on #7271


    I have seen several other tests from this club and they all have the same problem. The test is too short and the ramp up in intensity is way too fast to give any meaningful info about your aerobic system’s response to increasing intensity. Your test lasted no more than 10 min and from the raw data I have seen from others who we tested there the intensity stages (levels of either speed or gradient were either 10 or 15 seconds long (from memory).

    The aerobic metabolic system (especially) is rather slow to respond to changes in intensity, especially if you were not well warmed up, I recall this test protocol does not include more than 60 seconds of warm up before starting to ramp up intensity. A proper metabolic efficiency tests uses stages of at least 3 minutes so that your metabolism (gas samples) has a chance to stabilize. In short test like this with a fast ramp up your metabolism will be playing catch up and never get a chance to reach an sort of stability.

    So the data from this test is essentially useless for the purposes of determining the cross over point or the AeT and frankly the maxVO2 as well. I doubt you can hit you maxVO2 in such a short test, especially with no warm up.

    We send all our Seattle clients and even some from out of the area to RealRehab in Seattle. They do an actual metabolic efficiency test and not a maxVO2 test protocol (which is unimportant for determining the aerobic training zones).


    Jason on #7282

    Correct the test was short, 10 minutes, tho I stopped early per not really caring past finding out where my cross over was. The warm up was fairly short as well, only a couple minutes while she set everything up. Then the test started at 3mph on a flat treadmill, increasing every 90s if I recall.

    I will call RealRehab again. I tried to contact them before I started the 8 week and never heard back from them. (Currently end of week 4)

    Thanks for your insight and I will keep trudging along at 143 until I can get tested again. (Was so looking forward to running again at 152, ha!)

    Happy Holidays!

    Anonymous on #7333


    Try them again. They are testing our folks regularly so I know they will respond.


    Jason on #7350

    Yes sir, I was able to get a hold of them last week. I’m scheduled for 1/5 at 7 am, fasted active metabolic profile test ( tho Cari might change it per what I’ve told her). I can’t wait to finally see whats going on under the hood.

    I have 6-7 months until my objective and I really want to build the base correctly this time.

    Happy Holidays.

    Jason on #7563

    OK just had my testing done at Real Rehab in Seattle a couple hours ago. was delayed per catching something from the fam during xmas week.

    very interesting results? Apparently I’m MORE efficient running faster than slower. Tho I still burn more carbs than fat during that time.

    As soon as I start running my HR shoots up. But walking is to slow. I seem to have no middle ground. (no Cho:Fat efficiency of 1 I think she said. jumps from .44(3mpph) to 2.00(4mph) to 3.87(4.5mph) but drops to 3.30(4.9mph) up to 4.03(5.3mph).

    I seem to have 2 zones. Go slowwwwww or Gotta go Fast.

    She suggested to push my HR up to 150 or so then walk as fast as I can to keep it up. Hill walks would work too. Mainly try to keep it 140-145 range and don’t let it drop lower or go higher.

    I just finished the 8 month plan and will most likely just redo that increasing all times by 10-15%? Unless someone has something else to recommend?

    Hopeful this will get me ready for baker in July. ( nothing to crazy yet but would LIKE to not be dead at camp and during training)

    *Attached excel in case others want to see what Real Rehab provides.

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    Jason on #7565

    Actually while at lunch I *think* I recall SS or SJ saying the 8 week is to short of a plan for true prioritization. I’ll probably still use it and its workouts as a base. But try to fully implement a true TFNA training schedule since I have +/- 6 months.

    Have to re-re-review the book this weekend.


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