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    Hi all,
    I am training for the PDG race currently and measuring the vertical speed. Is there any software tool that allows setting zones for the vertical speed, monitoring and analyzing it? Training peaks offer this for pace but not for vertical speed unfortunately.
    Best reagrds

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    If you’re training outside, there are too many variables at play to use VAM as a training metric. I wish it weren’t the case. For example, lots of people fixate on 1,000 m/hr as some kind of magic number. However, the grade (and changes during an effort) have a huge effect.

    * If you’re on a 1% grade, can you climb at 1,000 m/hr? No, you’d have to run 100 kph.

    Also, the inaccuracy of the barometer in training watches and the lag in the calculation.

    However! If you’re willing to train on a quality incline trainer with reliable speeds, it’s an awesome way to train. I had my biggest gains when I spent a year doing all of my intensity on a calibrated treadmill at 25%.

    When I train outside, I go by heart rate. When inside, by vertical pace at 25%.

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