Vertical Kilometer race strategy

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    I am wondering what would be a good way to determine a good VK race strategy?

    Some thoughts/questions:
    – how much is the glycolytic system being used during a VK race relative to the aerobic system?
    – is it possible to run an entire race at LT pace?
    – would it be a good strategy to start the race above LT pace and slow down gradually during the race (with the risk of too much lactate buildup too early in the race?)?
    – am I over-focusing on LT?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your theoretical/practical thoughts about this topic, or personal experiences.

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    Rachel on #55788

    I think these are excellent questions. Have you read this article by Scott Semple? Why you are forced to slow down He writes about going out too fast and how it’s like clogging the drain.

    stevendeblieck on #55802

    Thanks for the article, he makes a solid case.
    How would one determine what “too fast” means personally? Going over the LT heart-rate/pace?

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