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    Hi Steve,
    I’m a novice climber and runner. Lady weighing 54 kgs. Age 43. Im VGF due to health reasons.
    I run in the mornings – 6 am to 7 / 7:30 am at the pace of 7.0 – 8.5mins per km.. basically an easy run/ jog , depending on my capacity, max 3/4 times a week. 2 days its strength training between 7:30 am to 8:30 am.
    My question is on food.
    I eat raw only till 12 noon as a habit.
    i dont eat anything before my run/ workout.
    during i keep hydrating every twenty mins with fast n up- reload – one tablet for the run in 250 ml water.
    now the problem is what to do if im hungry after the run / workout ?
    to combat it, i generally eat a lot of fruits and salad.
    i’m starving by 12 noon and eat lunch straight off.
    im on vegan tea with a good snack at 3ish in the afternoon and then a dinner by 6pm latest.
    do i need to change anything after my jogs ?

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    Rachel on #42836

    Do you eat much fat? I find if I don’t eat quite a bit of fat I don’t feel satiated. I’m thinking avocados, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, etc.

    Emil on #42869

    It should be possible to do a fast till noon/ Or it might be the sugar in the fruit that makes you feel a bit hungrier. Also, the calories/composition the rest of the day.

    alkakedia.akd on #42881

    dry fruit yes.. but will try coconut oil and almonds and walnuts.. we dont get avacados here.. thanks ya

    alkakedia.akd on #42882

    maybe try and reduce the intake of fructose then … ok let me work on this and revert…

    Rebecca Dent on #42970

    Hey Akd, sorry to be coming to this post late. Im the uphill athlete dietitian.

    For post fasted run nutrition guidance, I recommend to all the uphill athlete clients to eat a recovery snack that includes a source of protein and carbohydrate e.g. vegan blend protein shake with added gluten free oats or banana + nut butter, rice cakes + nut butter.

    It sounds like your diet is quite limited in options; for health and for optimal performance it is important to include sufficient protein daily, healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, olive oil, but not coconut oil), some carbohydrate especially for us females and trying to eat foods that contain a source of calcium especially when we are over 40. If you are not eating enough protein daily it is likely this that is leaving you feel particularly hungry, additionally not eating enough calories will also leave you feeling super hungry.

    I hope that has answered your question.

    Rebecca Uphill Athlete Dietitian

    alkakedia.akd on #42981

    That answers brilliantly. Thanks Rebecca.
    Will switch to your recommendations from tomorrow itself, esp the post-workout shake.
    Nuts and oil have already added to my diet.
    And it made me feel less hungry.
    But will add the shake too.

    Thanks a bunch.

    grahamzimmerman on #43003

    alkakedia.akd, a small additional piece of input for you. I also fast in the AM and am GF/plant based. I have been successful with this diet but have found that diligent tracking is imperative. I use the “my fitness pal” application.

    Keep up the good work!

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