Vaccine booster and training

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    amy skei

    Coaches! I just got my booster and am wondering how I should tailor my training if at all. I’m guessing I might feel fine today and tomorrow and a little low day after tomorrow. If I feel low I’ll adjust activity downward but is there benefit to doing so today and tomorrow as well? I’d rather keep on keeping on, to keep my training load up, but I’m also not trying to beat nature. I’m on the base plan, so I’m not doing ME or anything too intense. Thanks!!

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    Hello Amy,

    I had a terrible reaction to the booster and took it easy for almost three days! So don’t sweat it if you aren’t feeling great. My best recommendation is to listen to your body as you already said. You absolutely should not do the training if you are feeling run down, tired, achy anything like that. You won’t get anything from the workouts in that state and if anything it will prolong your recovery from the shot. Our bodies can only handle so much. Taking three days easy won’t derail all your training. Just try to get out for a walk if nothing else 🙂

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