Usage of Trekking Poles During Training

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    Hi Coaches,

    I’m training for a Everest Base Camp trek in November and am currently following the 24-week training plan. Should I introduce the usage of trekking poles to my training during the ME or weekend hike sessions at all? My concern is that my legs would get lesser training should I use the poles, but again not using it is not training for specificity! Appreciate your advice please, thank you!

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    Dada on #42470

    You gotta separate different kinds of training to answer the question.

    For Z1/2 base training it’s no problem to reduce the ME stimulus by using poles.

    You will do ME training separately so you will easily compensate for the reduced ME stimulus while doing base.

    But happy to have a confirmation from the coaches here

    Hav on #42477

    Check out the video at the end of the Vertical Beast Mode Article. Using poles on really steep terrain will make it easier to maintain balance and carry a heavier load without wobbling all over the place.

    Vertical Beast Mode: What Is Muscular Endurance? Why Is It Important and How Do You Train It?

    Anonymous on #42498

    If you’re using poles in your goal event, I would use them for all your training.

    “Muscles that fire together, wire together.”

    woonpin on #42503

    Thanks Scott, Han and Dada for your advice! One more question – would any of you think that using trekking poles during the Everest Base Camp trek be necessary, or would training for 6 months be sufficient to do the trek without the poles?

    Anonymous on #42512

    I like using poles regardless. Why not use them?

    Many people think poles are just for balance, but they’re much more useful when used to aid forward movement. Push!

    woonpin on #42579

    Haven’t given the why not much thought before! I guess trekking without poles would provide more freedom for my hands.

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