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    I am currently in week 7 of my personal 8 weeks UA- training plan as a preparation for my Aconcagua climb. I started to perform the uphill water carry trainings to speed up my ME. What would be the optimal training zone for these workouts. I try to do all my other running/walking/hiking workouts in zone 1/2 mostly just below my MAF or AeT heart rate.

    Thanks for giving me your thoughts on this topic.


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    Mariner_9 on #6059

    Based on my interpretation of the book, I’d say you should be doing ME workouts in Z1 and occasionally Z2.

    (“You need to go at the top of your conversational pace [which I take to be Z1]. … As your muscular endurance improves, say after six weeks, you can push the pace up to the point of breakaway breathing during occasional workouts [which I take to be Z2].”)

    copilot67 on #6061

    Yes, that is what I thought reading TFNA but in the UA website article about the uphill carries it seemed to be more a Z3 training (ME training).
    I am just not sure if this early training stage is the right time to push the training for the uphill carry up to a Z3 training.

    Mariner_9 on #6067

    The thread on ME de-training might have some relevant info, if you haven’t already seen/read it.

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