Uphill Bike Carry – small hills and many repetitions

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    one thing I figured out and thought worth to share.
    To have a gain of 800 to 1000 height meters means for me, in my region, 6-8 times going up with weight and down with out (to keep my knees healthy). BUT HOW TO GET NEW WEIGHT IN REPETITIONS? HOW TO BE MOST TIME EFFECTIVE?

    I now use a carrying tool (“hook a bike” – I do not have any commercial interests!) for my most heavy MTB (15kg) on a backpack filled (1.8kg) with 4L water-weight. Such I go up by (18-23% steep) carrying all for around 20min and quickly down (2min) using my bike – the only issue is to have a trail not being too small due to the MTB carry (~1.5m width)

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    pult on #37052

    sorry typo above its NOT 18-23% steep but degree > 18°-23°steep…

    Anonymous on #37076

    Great idea!

    Are you sure it’s degrees? Normally training watches display grades in percent. 18-23 degrees would be quite steep.

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