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    i saw in this forum a couple of people asking for an errata without results. I also read the statement, that there are no known typos in the current edition so that there is no need for an errata.

    Therefore, i made the list be below on my own. My list (to be continued as i read on) is based on the German edition. As it was released a couple of months after the current English edition, these comments might be relevant for the English edition too. But as i know zero about book publishing processes, this is a mere guess.

    As i am a normal reader an not a book editor, there will be probably some more typos. Therefore, feel free to contribute in this thread so that we will have an complete errata in the end with might be useful for the next edition and to be pinned here in the forum.

    Here are the typos i have found so far (current German edition):

    – page 63: AS numbers of the second and third athlete are mixed up
    – page 91: in the text box regarding the ten-percent-test it is stated that the Z3 span for professional athletes is “67 percent”; i am quiet sure that this should be “6-7 percent”
    – page 287: explanation in Footnotes * and *** are identically beside the fact that * also contains a typo (“nichtverletzt” instead of “nicht verletzt).



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