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    Nicole Williams

    Hi, coaches! I think I might have undersold myself when I chose my plan level (classic girl move) and am feeling like I could safely add a bit more volume. I regularly got a few more hours of training per week previous to starting the plan, and wonder if it’s possible to take a look at the advanced plan to see where we might bridge the gap between the two options effectively? Also open to any advice/tips you have. Thanks so much!

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    Hello Nicole,

    I would be happy to move you up, but I am worried about having you jump in halfway through as far as progression goes. I would keep adding aerobic volume and stick with this plan and work through the ME workouts as the plan is about to get much harder. If this goes well, I would then go to the Advanced Plan. If you feel like you can handle jumping directly into advanced now, I can make that change. I just wanted to give you my concerns first 🙂


    Nicole Williams on #59395

    That makes total sense and sounds like a great idea. I haven’t always had enough strength workouts in my past training so it sounds like sticking with the plan and just adding a comfortable amount of aerobic volume is the way to go. Thanks!

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