Unsure about my AeT

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    Michelle Cox

    I did the test outside on pretty flat terrain and my Pa:Hr was 0.59% with an average heart rate of 157 and around a 12 minute mile, seems like a really aerobic threshold and a really low Pa:Hr. The effort seem pretty easy it was hard to run that slowly. I am 40 years old and do a lot of hiking but only run very sporadically, nothing else training wise except climbing here and there.
    Thank you! Michelle

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    Coach on #65481

    Hello Michelle,

    It sounds like your AeT is higher than 157. With a drift that little I safely say your AeT is above that. Not everyone is aerobically deficient. If you have a big background in low-intensity training you probably have a good aerobic base.

    You could re-do the test at 165ish and see if that is sustainable 🙂

    Hillary on #65743

    I’m just starting to find my AeT (I shifted my weeks from last week). I only had a 3 % HR change so am assuming it needs to be redone. I did mine on the treadmill and after the 15 min warmup, the first 30 min was 127 and the second was 130. It sounds like I need to redo this maybe at 140? Do I wait to do it again or start today and then shift my whole plan by a day?

    Coach on #65749

    If you got a drift of 3% you are spot on!! With those numbers that’s closer to a 2.4% drift which is a little low. We aim for a drift or 3.5-5%. If you haven’t listened to the zoom on Aerobic Threshold Testing I would recommend it. I would recommend starting your training and use 130bpm as your AeT for now and re-test in 8 weeks!

    Does that make sense?

    Mia Kilborn on #65865

    Hi! I did my AeT test on a treadmill and had a HR drift 5.4% (comparing avg for first half and avg for second half). My avg heart rate for the first half was 145.

    Is it good enough to just hand wave a bit and use 143 as my zone 2 threshold rather than doing the test again?

    Mia Kilborn on #65866

    Forgot to click the notify button on last comment, doing that now.

    Coach on #65870

    Hello Mia,

    I would say 143 is a great place to keep your AeT for now! 5.4% is pretty close, nice job on the test 🙂


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