Unsure about my AeT

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    Michelle Cox

    I did the test outside on pretty flat terrain and my Pa:Hr was 0.59% with an average heart rate of 157 and around a 12 minute mile, seems like a really aerobic threshold and a really low Pa:Hr. The effort seem pretty easy it was hard to run that slowly. I am 40 years old and do a lot of hiking but only run very sporadically, nothing else training wise except climbing here and there.
    Thank you! Michelle

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    Coach on #65481

    Hello Michelle,

    It sounds like your AeT is higher than 157. With a drift that little I safely say your AeT is above that. Not everyone is aerobically deficient. If you have a big background in low-intensity training you probably have a good aerobic base.

    You could re-do the test at 165ish and see if that is sustainable 🙂

    Hillary on #65743

    I’m just starting to find my AeT (I shifted my weeks from last week). I only had a 3 % HR change so am assuming it needs to be redone. I did mine on the treadmill and after the 15 min warmup, the first 30 min was 127 and the second was 130. It sounds like I need to redo this maybe at 140? Do I wait to do it again or start today and then shift my whole plan by a day?

    Coach on #65749

    If you got a drift of 3% you are spot on!! With those numbers that’s closer to a 2.4% drift which is a little low. We aim for a drift or 3.5-5%. If you haven’t listened to the zoom on Aerobic Threshold Testing I would recommend it. I would recommend starting your training and use 130bpm as your AeT for now and re-test in 8 weeks!

    Does that make sense?

    Mia Kilborn on #65865

    Hi! I did my AeT test on a treadmill and had a HR drift 5.4% (comparing avg for first half and avg for second half). My avg heart rate for the first half was 145.

    Is it good enough to just hand wave a bit and use 143 as my zone 2 threshold rather than doing the test again?

    Mia Kilborn on #65866

    Forgot to click the notify button on last comment, doing that now.

    Coach on #65870

    Hello Mia,

    I would say 143 is a great place to keep your AeT for now! 5.4% is pretty close, nice job on the test 🙂


    Elaine Mau on #75083

    The first time it was saying 0.03% pa:HR at 131, looking at the phone carefully. This second time, I ran at my normal pace, and tried not to fret about looking at my phone. I definitely felt it wasn’t super easy to complete and it looks like I slowed down just a bit naturally. I averaged 140 in my first half and 138 for my second half, so now the pa:HR is negative T.T. Should I try to retake it and aim for 140 and just try to keep my pace? This time I will watch my heart rate?

    Chantelle Robitaille on #75103

    Hi Elaine,

    Looking at your file and where you ran, I think you are getting a negative number due to the downhill segments of the route. If you found this wasn’t too easy, I would suggest setting your AeT as 135 for now and let’s see how that feels in your next few aerobic workouts. Test out how you are feeling and breathing- are you are a conversational pace at a HR range of 122-135? or is that more a story-telling pace for you.

    Sheena Stevens on #75105

    I did the AeT test yesterday, on a treadmill at 9% incline. First 30 minutes after my warmup was 142 avg, and second 30 minutes was 145 avg. That’s under the 3.5%, so I will plan on testing again in the future, but for now I’m thinking I can use ~145 as my estimated AeT. Let me know if that sounds alright, coaches! Thanks!

    sally kentch on #75273

    I did a run for my HR test and started at Heart Rate 147 and it was 166 by the end of the run. But TP says the first half of my run was 3.11 PA:HR and the second half was 1.68 PA:HR. The almost 20 beat raise in my HR suggests I was going too fast. But the PA:HR analysis from TP suggests I was in the realm of OKAYNESS for setting my zones. Advice?

    Elaine Mau on #75284

    I did the test again, but instead did a walking hike on a treadmill (too cold), didn’t change the speed or incline, and saw that I held 143 for both halves now and I actually felt pretty good. Maybe I was had an off day when I did that run (I had eaten dairy earlier). I still don’t see a drift? Should I try a few more beats higher next week?

    Chantelle Robitaille on #75311

    Hi Elaine,

    You could try 145 on your next aerobic session and see how that goes. Good work on getting this figured out!

    Chantelle Robitaille on #75313


    I would say go with 145 for now on your aerobic sessions and see how that goes for you.

    Great work!

    Elaine Mau on #75500

    OK, I tried 145 felt fine and then today I was able to hold heart rate at average 155 for an hour although I did hold the sides of the treadmill towards the ends. I don’t see the drift part…but I definitely feel like I’m working out. I think I’ll stop here?

    Chantelle Robitaille on #75725

    @Elaine- if you had to hold the treadmill toward the end, that tells me that was likely above your AeT. I would say stick with 145 for a few weeks and see how that feels

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