Unstructured training (or is it training?) in Trainingpeaks.

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    I train for general alpine climbing in the TD/ED range (1-2 days hits), ice climbing in Norway during the winter time and hard trad climbing during summer. I log my training on trainingpeaks and try to time my form for upcoming trips to either of the above, or perhaps running a half marathon in good time.

    My general routine consists of trail/road running and gym climbing (bouldering, lead or climbing specific training) apart from that I get free training since commute to work by bike everyday. Total 2×40 mins. pr day Monday – Friday (probably spent in zone 1/2)

    While I find it easy to log my ‘real’ HR sessions on trainingpeaks, I find it hard to handle the input of all the unstructured training I do, like when I go do a 2 hrs bouldering session with my friends or just going trad climbing on a sunday. Is there a way or some rule of thumbs on how to balance unstructured training (or just active lifestyle) with more structured training? – or should I just ‘go with the feel’ and keep having fun.

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