Understanding Gas Exchange VO2 max/metabolic efficiency test

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    I just finished getting tested using a gas exchange test and want to make sure I am understanding the results correctly.

    My AeT is 150bpm according to the information given. But the exercise physiologist recommended that I start to incorporate high intensity anaerobic threshold workouts once per week into my training.

    Where I am struggling is that my AeT is 150 but my AnT is 174 it looks like which would put me still in ADS? The recommendation that was given was because my AnT is so close to my VO2 max at 98% for the incline test and 86% for the level run. Just wanted to confirm that it would make sense to add in AnT HR work 1 time per week with the given information attached in the pictures.

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    hawkinscary23 on #51269

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    Rachel on #51327

    Yeah so with an AnT of 174, 10% lower would be about 157. It would be best to hold off on high intensity until you can bump up your AeT to around 155-157 range.

    Anonymous on #53329

    What was your maximum heart rate on this test?

    Similar to what Rachel said, I would focus on closing the gap between AeT and AnT. You’ll get much better long-term bang for your buck that way.

    Did the tech elaborate on why he/she thought those percentages of max VO2 were relevant? (98% of VO2 is very high, but 86% is not.) I’m not sure why the same rationale would be used for both.

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