Unable to access video recordings

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    Hi Mark @ markpostle
    I am unable to locate recordi gs I have missed.
    Although I see the new postings with passwords, I don’t see any link.
    May be I am making a mistake.
    Plz help me locate the videos.

    I have attached the screen shot


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    MarkPostle on #69128

    Advait, Are you using a mobile platform to view them? Some users have had trouble with mobile, I just double checked and I can view them all from both Safari and Chrome on laptop and desktop.

    Steve on #69144

    Hey Mark, If you have the link for the June 1 call could you repost that. I don’t see it in the pinned thread.

    Steve O.

    MarkPostle on #69183

    Steve, Sadly the June 1 recording is lost in the Cloud forever. I did actually remember to record it but I think the storage limit was exceeded and it was lost. Apologies.

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