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Ultrarunning + Climbing Training. How to successfully prepare for both.

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    How can we train successfully for both? I can’t come up with a successful strategy and end up struggling with both.

    Thank you all in advance for your input.

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    What kind of climbing? Mountaineering or hard technical climbing. If it is mountaineering then the long mountain runs all build much of the fitness you need and these two goals are quite compatible. If it is hard technical climbing then it is much more difficult because training for each of things requires a lot of time on its own. But they are training 2 completely different systems. Long mountain runs need many hours of aerobic training. Shorter, technically hard climbs need strength and muscular endurance in the core and upper body.

    It is possible but not easy to do these 2 things at the same time. Best to focus on one then the other.


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    I have been struggling to set up a training plan for both technical climbing and ultrarunning as well. My question is, when training for both, how should you plan out a long term and short term training plan?

    For the long term periodization plan, running usually involves phases that last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. For climbing the phases are usually 1 to 4 weeks. Is it ok to be in different phases for the two since the phase times don’t match up? For example can I go through max strength (3 wks), power (3 wks) and power endurance (2 weeks) in climbing within an 8 week base period of running?

    For the weekly plan, how does timing of running and climbing affect each other when it comes to recovery? Can you alternate the workouts because they are using different muscles without affecting recovery or should I do them both in the same day?

    For some context, I am 25 years old, have been consistently training for running/climbing for close to 2 years now and can commit to 20 – 25 hours a week for training

    Thank You for the help

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