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    Hi to all!
    As topic title, i’m looking for suggestions about ultra running off season.
    I read about many ultra runners doing skimo in the off season to build strength and to lighten the joints.
    As an “alpinist” turned into ultra runner and an ice climbing lover, could I stick with ice climbing and light running in the off season or should I pick Ski-mo for better in season performance?

    Thanks to all

    P.s: Ice climbing season in Italy lasts 3 months, more or less

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    Anonymous on #14151

    I was an alpinist and ice climber for ~15 years, and I’ve been skimo racing for five. Skimo will give you much better sport-specific support for running than climbing.

    Walking around with heavy packs is much less specific than moving on light skis with a (super) light pack. Plus, the bang-for-the-buck factor is pretty low in climbing. When I go climbing now, I’m amazed at how long it takes to do so little.

    I love climbing, but if running was my priority, I’d focus on something more similar in the winter.

    I hope that helps.

    Ironcalves on #14153

    Hi Scott!
    Thanks for your reply.
    I was thinking the same but I wouldn’t race in winter because I’m prone to race burnout.
    Ice climbing wa(i)s my preferred climbing style and quit it would be a pity.

    Anonymous on #14154

    Sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t suggesting racing; time off is important. (I rarely race in the summer.) I was just saying that if you want the best winter support for running, skimo training would be a better option, I think.

    But mental freshness is probably more important than anything. Do both?

    Ironcalves on #14168

    Yeah I got that you dont race in summer 🙂
    It could be a possibility, doing skimo on weekdays and Ice climbing on week-end.
    Of course skimo is the best off season training for running but ice climbing is also good to build mental toughness, a cardinal aspect in running ultras.
    Thanks so much for your reply.

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