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    Steve House

    Hi all,

    The new Uphill Athlete Yoga is now live on Vimeo!
    Please find the videos here:

    password: UAYOGA

    Module 0 (9:18) is the explainer video

    Module 1-4 are the main series of Yoga videos. They progress similarly to the Chamonix Mountain Fit each successive module is longer and more difficult.

    Back & Butt, Calves & Feet, Hipflexers & Hamstrings, and Neck & Shoulders are all shorter, 16-19 minute area-specific videos that are intended for you to assign to athletes who need work in these specific areas.

    Please use yourselves and with your coached athletes. As always any and all feedback is welcome on these videos. We plan to expand the series in 2022 and I would love to hear what direction you would like to see this go next.


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