UA Gym ME Workout & Canova’s strength training endurance session .

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    Hello to you all,

    The other day I wanted to try something new and mix things up a little. So I decided to combine the exercises from UA Gym ME Workout with 1 minute running in between @ zone 3-4. Inspired from Canova’s strength training endurance session.

    I have to say that I am trail runner and my focus is at mountain trail races and flatter trails. So I like to keep practising flat running and improving my speed. In the races and terrain that I train besides the big inclines which I have to mostly hike, they also contain allot of rolling and flat trail sections. So the reason I choose this workout was to combine the zone 3-4 running pace while fatiguing my legs with the strength training exercises in between. Like when you hike or jog a steep uphill and you then have to transition to a flatter trail and then back to incline.

    So, Renato Canova In the General Period: 4 weeks duration (Training General Resistance) has a session called Training Strength Endurance:

    “* 1 session every 2 weeks, alternated with circuits on the hill.
    * Example: 4-6 x circuits. 6 minutes rest between the circuits: 30s of skipping, 50m of bounding, 30s of heel to butt kicks, 30s of jumping with neutral feet, 30s of Sagittal splits, 10 squat jumps. 400m at MP in between.
    This is something that is a bit out there and not used by a lot of people in western running culture. 400m at MP on a track with these exercises in between. 4-6 x the circuits gets you a decent amount of uptempo running while working on form and technique in between.”

    So Inspired from this my workout I did this :

    4 circuits. 4-5 minutes rest in between (walking)

    10 reps on each leg of split jump squat, 10 reps of squat jumps, 20 total reps of walking lunges, 20 total reps of step-ups on bench (alternating legs). 1 minute @ zone 3,4 running in between.

    The reason I choose alternating legs on the last two exercises was to make this workout a bit more easier, as it was the first time. I must say that doing the exercises from the ME gym workout in an outside setting is much better! Although it was hard, I really enjoyed the workout. Especially after the 3rd circuit, I felt overall fatigue and pushed through the last one! I don’t know if this kind of training can have any meaning in helping me become more endurable in races and in longer runs. Or even if I will have any meaningful adaptations from it. But it made me change my perception of life in general. I also think it can help build more mental resistance. Please let me know what you think about this workout and also I challenge you to try it or do an alternative based on this yourselves.

    Also in the Fundamental Period of the Canova’s training there is this workout:

    Uphill circuits
    Frequency: once every 3 weeks.
    Type: Circuit with different exercises including short uphill runs.
    Example: 200m at 95% of effort. 50m skip. 300m at 90% effort. 50m bounding. 400m at 85% effort. 50m butt kicks. 450m uphill hard. Jog back down. 4-6 repeats of circuit. 6-8’ in between. 4-7% grade.
    Training strength endurance.

    So maybe next time I mix in some uphill runs after the exercises..

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #59858

    “But it made me change my perception of life in general.” so as I understand this you have pushed yourself to a near-death experience!?;-) Or do I misinterpret something? But I think that’s a good description for the so-called “see god workouts”.

    I think the workout you did, is quite similar to Canova’s. It gives you more of an endurance
    stimulus. More than the traditional ME. But probably less local muscle fatigue and therefore less muscular endurance gains.

    Canova and Scott are amazing coaches, but also cruel ones;-)

    recover well!

    Anonymous on #59859

    I have used the Canova Hill Circuits a few times with some athletes. But not given it enough of a test to see the results for myself. I think it is a very sound idea. I can’t figure out how to add a short video of one of these workouts. I have played around with adapting the gym ME to Canova’s hill circuits. We used a treadmill set at a steep incline for the running portion.

    I would love to hear how this training works out for you. My guys fond it very demanding. It was hard to keep the intensity as low as Canova recommends in his Fundamental period circuits.

    Think out side the box! I have a sign in my gym that says: IF YOU TRAIN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE YOU CAN EXPECT RESUTS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

    Good luck.

    exarchoste on #59872

    Thomas it pushed me really hard yes. I wouldn’t say exactly a near death experience but I like the term “god workout”. And seriously although the weather was cloudy and overcast at one point in the middle of the session the sun came out for a while! That maybe was a sign.. I agree that it has mostly an endurance stimulus especially if you are at a higher level with the strength training exercises. Like if you are used to doing them with weights. Thank you.

    Scott thank you for your comment. I think it was pretty demanding. I did the session outside on a flat dirt road track. I don’t know if I could do this on a treadmill but I will try. During the workout I wanted the running pace to be around my 10k effort. In the beginning of the run I had the tendency to go faster , but then I slowed down and thought 10k pace to tempo.

    All the best.

    Jane Mackay on #59876

    I’m really curious to learn more about Canova’s methodology. Could one of you point me to a good source? It doesn’t look as though he’s written a book, and when I google Renato Canova Fundamental Period it brings up a whole lot of websites, most or all of which seem to be commentary rather than an original source.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #60033

    Hi Jane!
    I haven’t seen one single good source yet. You have to collect the pieces for the puzzle by yourself.
    But the best thing is to travel to Iten and talk to Renato in person;-) He will be happy to do so! Trust me;-)

    eric on #60085

    Here’s a link to John Davis’ webpage. He’s a road runner/coach – a self-described student of the sport. He put together a summary of Canova’s principles and methods which Canova himself endorsed. It’s a helpful overview of Canova which Canova himself said “can be accepted.”

    Jane Mackay on #60087

    Thanks, Thomas! At first I hoped Iten was a typo for Italy, since that’s where I am, but I see it’s the hub of running training in the highlands of Kenya. Well, it’s not too far away… Maybe I should go and convince Canova he needs to write a book and I am the writer/editor to help him do it 😉

    Thanks very much for that link, Eric!

    exarchoste on #60090

    He also has a lecture on Youtube:

    Jane Mackay on #60097

    Great. Thanks, exarchoste.

    Eddie on #60361

    Hi Jane,

    This might be overkill, but Steve Magness and Jon Marcus have a “Scholar Program” that offers a “History 401” course on Canova that looks pretty in-depth. I’m not enrolled nor do I consider myself a runner, but looks interesting if I had the time.

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