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    I’ve been meaning to make a couple of feature requests to TrainingPeaks for features that seem obvious to me for uphill atheletes. I’m curious on your thoughts on these features, or others I’ve missed. Looks like they have a voting system so once I get some input and add my suggestions I can report back and lobby for votes…

    1) More Workout Types: I presume they don’t want a huge clutter of types or they would already have them. However….having a dedicated skiing type that includes vertical meter gain and loss seems like an obvious gap. Climbing seems another.

    2) Munter rate: I would love to be able to highlight portions of my completed workout and have it report the Munter rate. I go through phases of calibrating my munter rate for different activities in different terrain/conditions to dial in my long explore planning and it would be super handy to have it auto calculated with other analysis parameters.

    Thoughts? I presume 1) is a no-brainer but 2) might have a smaller niche audience.

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    Anonymous on #41536


    Please feel free to make any requests you have to TP. We have long requested some changes but to no avail. We are such a tiny segment of their users that we must be very low priority.

    I do not know what Munter Rate is. Can you explain.


    Aaron on #41550

    The Munter rate ( of the famed Swiss guide Werner Munter e.g. Munter knot, evolution of avalanche decision making models etc) is a more precise method of the classic time estimator of ~3km and 300m or 1000′ per hr for class 1 and 2 hiking/running/skiing terrain.

    TIME = (DISTANCE (km) + ELEVATION (m)/100))/rate

    It is unitless, with the basic default rates being:
    uphill travel on foot or skis – 4
    flat or downhill on foot – 6
    downhill on skis – 10
    bushwhacking – 2

    BCA has a good summary here: makes a nice little app, though only one segment at at time.

    I have a spreadsheet set up where I use google earth to map out the legs and put in the km and meter inputs in.

    I see Munter rate much like heart rate tracking: I did lots at the beginning and as I learnt to estimate better I only use them for critical events or to re-calibrate.

    When calibrating my Munter rates I used TP to select portions of a route, grab the numbers (km, time, meters) and solve for rate. I tweaked my rates for several grade classes of uphill , footwear (e.g. running shoes vs mountain boots), and nature of trail (e.g. breaking trail in snow vs following skin track or hard surface; or loose scree or blocky talus vs good trail). I found with these rates tuned I could estimate a 5-7 hr day down to minutes for each segment.

    As a TP tool, it would help with tuning rates for estimation, or I think it would a useful way to have an ‘integrated’ travel rate that brought together horizontal and vertical elements over different terrain technicalities.

    Marc Chavin also has a similar approach for class 3/4 terrain:
    time = (distance x 1000 + elevation) x rate / 60

    As a working husband and parent of two children being able to accurately tell my wife how long I will be on my 5am sunday morning mountain explore, or choosing a feasible route, is critical to happy family dynamics!

    Rachel on #41566

    I use XC-ski for all my skiing activity except for lift-served skiing. You can configure the activity type to include elevation loss (I think gain is included by default). I file lift-served under custom or other so that I don’t count the vertical in that activity (since I didn’t earn my turns).

    Aaron on #41571

    Interesting rachelp, I have never been able to get xc to include elevation gain or loss. Is there a settings area where you can configure the activities?

    John S on #41628

    You can chasnge the metrics of the different workouts (only on the website, not the app) if you go to Account Settings; Layout; QuickViews.
    All the metrics that TP has available can be added to any of the workout types, and you can delete the ones that don’t interest you.
    I use Rowing for my Ski Touring (Thanks Scott Semple!) with Elevation and other relevent metrics. I added Elevation gain and loss to my xc ski so I can easily adjust for my wildly inaccurate phone elevation data and I have also added distance to my strength workouts to enable me to log a warm up run if required.

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