Tyre Drag Sessions – questions and feedback

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    Well that was enlightening!

    Just done my 1st 90 min tyre drag. Tyre was 17kg and had 8kg in pack – I weigh in at about 68kg. Track was a wide, rocky path mostly uphill.

    Flat and slight uphill OK but as soon as I got to any meaningful incline HR moved quickly into Z3 (AeT is 152 and HR was regularly at 160) even if moving really, really slowly, any slower and the tyre would stop moving.

    What’s best to do? Less weight in pack? Find ‘easier’ gradient path? Or just keep going? Going slower not really an option.

    PS – I enjoyed it because it felt hard 🙂

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    mattmay3s on #63637

    PS – any ‘fudge factor’ to TSS for this type of training or just use HrTSS?

    mattmay3s on #63814

    @markpostle @nateemerson – any thoughts on this? Taking the tyre back out on Friday.

    MarkPostle on #63843

    Matt, Sorry I missed this thread first time round. I would keep the pack weight but lessen the sled weight a fair bit. I am guessing the friction here is a fair bit higher then the sled would be on snow so quite a bit less weight can produce the same drag. I like the drag to result in a very slow hike but as you mention you do actually have to be moving :). As for TSS bumps you have to go by feel a bit but I start with something around 20TSS for a 90 min session as the added abuse seems similar to a 2000′ vertical gain/loss in a similar time frame.

    mattmay3s on #63852

    Thanks Mark – will try and find a smaller/lighter tyre

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