Typo in specific strength hill sprints in big Vert?

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    I think there is a small error in the description of the specific strength hill sprints in the Mike Foote big vert plan.

    It says:
    Do the hills sprints as laid out below
    Wk#1&2; 2 sets 4 x 10″ sprints
    Wk#3&4: 2 sets 6 x 10″ sprints
    Wk#5&6&7; 2 sets 8 x 10 ” sprints

    However there are only 6 of these sessions in the program because week 4 is a recovery week without any hill sprints. After week 7 it switches to the longer Z4 workouts.

    Not a big deal but was just wanting to check I wasn’t missing anything. I presume I go straight from the week3 workout to the week5 workout? Or should it be 2 weeks of each like this?:

    Wk#1&2; 2 sets 4 x 10″ sprints
    Wk#3&5: 2 sets 6 x 10″ sprints
    Wk#6&7; 2 sets 8 x 10 ” sprints

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    baracocol on #54520

    I bought this plan by Training Peaks and i found this schedule on the deschiption after week9 :

    Wk#9&10; 1 set 6 x 15″ sprints
    Wk#11&13: 1 set 5 x 30″ sprints
    Wk#14&15; 1 set 4 x 60 ” sprints
    Wk# 17&18 1 set 4 x 2min @ Z5 (hard as you can sustain for all 4
    Easy 3 min walk down recovery between each sprint.

    dan.k on #54542


    Yes, that is correct. That is the Z4 training later in the plan but I am talking about earlier in the plan (week 4). The first 7 weeks have uphill sprints for specific strength (assuming your strength is good enough by the tests). It describes 7 weeks of workouts but if you actually look at the weeks in the calendar there is no week4 workout due to it being a recovery week so just wondering if people skip week4 or use the week4 program for week5?

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