Two Questions on HR Drift Test + AnT Test

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    Hi – I’d like to clarify two things that were unclear on the blog post:

    1) Do you want the HR Drift test (that’s uploaded and analyzed by TP) completed in a fasted state? I conducted the original/outdated AeT ‘nose breathing’ test today but realized with my sport history and ADS that likely isn’t best measurement tool for me.

    2) If I have ADS + history of strong nose breathing — can I still perform the original recommended AnT test and get accurate results?

    I will be attempting both tests in a day (AM + PM). Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #27721

    The HR drift test does not need to be conducted in a fasted state.

    The HR drift test will be much more likely to give a correct AeT result than will nose breathing when you have ADS.

    I hope this helps.

    umicheng on #27729

    Great thanks. And I will use the following to test my AnT HR…Just wanted to make sure this process still works if I have ADS.

    umicheng on #30768

    Trick question! If I have ADS and I’m ‘overly proficient’ at nose breathing from it …when, I am conducting the HR Drift Test on a Treadmill, can I breathe however I want – nose and mouth – whatever to do to keep my HR steady? Or would that screw with my HR tracking from what we’re trying to identify?

    Thanks for all that you do. I know us forum members can think of every which way and variable to inquire about for the same AeT and AnT testing :-P. I have been training painfully slow from the information in your book and it is greatly helping!

    nullkru on #30772

    Hi umicheng,
    if you do the HR drift test. It shouldn’t play a role how you breathe. I think the main points there should be: don’t increase/decrease the speed, or gradient. Till your test time is over. All the details should be in the UA website article about the test. Otherwise, i found a lot of information/questions that interested me in the forum about this topic.

    For the DIY anerobic test: yes this still works. (Happy suffering ;))

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