Tuesday May 10th Zoom - Rebecca Dent HIgh Performance Dietician | Uphill Athlete

Tuesday May 10th Zoom – Rebecca Dent HIgh Performance Dietician

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    Hello FUA’s

    Next weeks Zoom will be a nutrition presentation then Q&A by our very own high performance dietician Rebecca Dent.
    You can read more about her through the link below. She is extremely knowledgeable and we love having her join our team for our FUA’s.
    If you can’t make the zoom but have specific questions I thought I’d give you a few extra days to post questions here and we’ll make sure they are answered.
    Sending our best,

    Rebecca Dent

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    Pia Lichtblau on #66758

    I’m not sure if I’ll make it next week, so here come my questions:

    I have really low ferritin compared with too high blood sugar levels – I once was told that there is a connection between these two but I don’t remember or I didn’t understand it really… Could you explain that? And what do I have to look after regarding nutrition? Especially because I’m not eating any meat.

    I hope that’s not too speciam…

    Have a great day

    Anonymous on #66802

    Hi Pia, We will make sure to ask this question and if it ends up a wee bit too specific Rebecca has often responded via an email we can post if we can’t get to all the questions or they are too specific so stay tuned ( :

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