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    I do not always use a HR strap anymore (e.g. long or multi day trips, skiing with concerns about bluetooth interference with transceiver, tired of looking at my wrist etc). Thus, I am estimating more of my TSS entries than not these days (helps to have a couple yrs of HR assisted TSS with UA ‘fudge factors’). I consolidated Training Peaks and Uphill Athelete info for estimation into the attached spreadsheet so I can plug a combo of time and elevation and record in Training Peaks.

    Thought it might be of use to others.

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    Shashi on #42545


    Thanks for sharing this. It has a good summary of TSS from UA and TP.

    Two questions –

    a. Isn’t it 10 TSS for every 300 m and 10% bodyweight? Your spreadsheet has 5 TSS / hr to adjust for bodyweight.

    For each 1,000 feet (300 meters) of vertical gain, we add 10 to the hrTSS. For every 10 percent in body weight that is carried, we add another 10 to the TSS per 1,000 feet of vertical.


    b. Also, as you progress with the weight say from 10% to 15% to 20%, is the idea to update TSS / HR (cell C14) to accurately calculate the TSS.

    Thank you!

    Aaron on #42546

    Good point, trying to remember what I do…I think I have just been manually adjusting the 5 TSS per 10% of bodyweight per 300m elevation. So 10% body weight would be 10 TSS/300m.

    I’ll look at adjusting the table to have a bodyweight cell, then add in the weight carried value and have it calculate downstream.

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