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    I`ve been scanning though the forum as how to score gym based ME workouts but could only find for weighed carries or outdoor workouts.
    SO how do you guys typically score the ME workout described in the UA-book p. 244-249 (excl warmup)? Given that all 4 exercises are performed with 6x10reps with 1min rest between each set and exercise. (To me it took 42 mins to run through the workout, excl warmup).

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    I found this write-up from Scott J. to be very helpful: https://uphillathlete.com/forums/topic/ctltrainingpeaks-and-tfna/

    For hard muscular workout that has a very high local muscular endurance factor with a (disappointingly) low HR such as an uphill ME workout then I pick a number that reflects the recovery time before the athlete feels ready for another such workout. An ME workout for a high level athlete like David Goettler or Luke Nelson will take them days to recovery from and based on the actual workout I have assigned I will give these a TSS of 150-200.

    jakedev on #43954

    I simply do it proportionally. This way I at least have a base number to go off of and I can adjust it if it was really easy or hard.

    IE I only do 4×10 because that ME workout kills me so I give 25 TSS per each set so the total WO has a TSS of 100. If you did 6×10 then it would be 150 which is close to Scott J article.

    I arrived at 25 based on my comparison of fatigue to my General Str (20 TSS per set) and others. It’s not exact but I’ve looked at the the TSS as a trend vs an exact science.

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    Like Scott, I usually gauge it by how tired my athletes or I am in the day or so after the workout. Remember that TSS is based on your lactate/anaerobic threshold, and 100 TSS is equivalent to an hour at AnT. Often the ME workout doesn’t take me a full hour, but I know that as a slow twitcher, it’s at least as much stress on me as an hour at AnT, so I tend to make it about 100 until I add more weight, and then adjust based on soreness. As noted, TSS isn’t as precise as we’d probably like.

    trygve.veslum on #43983

    Thanks for your replies, folks! Im surprised how much this 42min gym session deserves of TSS points compared to a max strength routine (80-90TSS/hr), although IM sore 3 days after. I`ll go with an average of 20 per set more or less following jakedev example, ie 120TSS TSS for this workout. I guess outdoor ME sessions lasting for longer time can be assigned a higher score.

    briguy on #44067

    I took a 2.5 week “break” from my Gym ME program due to some tuneup races and long running events that I wanted to be relatively fresh for, and then returned this past Sunday 8/5 to my full ME session again. I say “break” because I still did somewhat of a maintenance program during that time, I just either halved the total number of sets, or reduced the additional weight but I still did a weekly ME session at least.

    I’m quite surprised how sore I am still 2 days later. In hindsight I guess I should’ve started with something a little milder. I’m not sure which of the three (step ups, split squat jumps, or jump squats) is really hitting me but I get consistently very sore in the glutes and adductors after a quality ME session.

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