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    I’m usually not wearing my HR monitor when doing big climbs (not convenient and often it drops down to the belly after a few hours).

    I noticed that if you input an average HR on a training with not HR monitoring TrainingPeaks outputs a tTSS score for the session. I’ve tried that a couple times using a guesstimate average HR based on previous, similar climbs and the result seems more or less reasonable (although a bit high in some instances).

    What do you guys use/recommend in such cases ?

    PS: I’m suspecting the average trick is not accurate as the TP algorithm probably integrates (sums) the actual HR over time when there is HR info available.

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    Anonymous on #9819

    TSS for mountain athletes is fudgy at best anyway, so as long as you’re consistent in how you use it, I think tTSS will work fine. Here’s a TP article on estimating TSS: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/estimating-training-stress-score-tss/

    Another option is to tighten the chest strap (which you’ve probably already tried) or to get a new strap that’s “stickier”. My straps are all pretty old, but out of them, the Wahoo strap is grippier. There are probably other options as well.

    Anonymous on #9846

    Years ago when Polar first came out with the the wrist worn HR monitor and chest strap we’d cure the slipping strap by running a shoe string from the front to the back of the strap over our shoulder in a diagonal fashion on long host days.

    David G hates wearing his HR strap on climbs. So I fudge his numbers. AI allocate 60TSS/hour for basic aerobic work (Z1 for him). 80TSS/hour for Z2. For some of my less fit athletes I use 60TSS/hour for Z2. Then I make the altitude fudge factor of 10TSS/1000 feet of gain. If there is a significant pack weight I adjust up from there.

    As Scott said. Be consistent.


    Eustache on #9848

    Thanks for the answer. Indeed it seems that if the average HR guesstimate is approximately correct it should work…

    Eustache on #9849

    I like the shoe string idea a lot 🙂

    The numbers you report seem in the same range as what I did. Thanks !

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