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    My TrainingPeaks TSS appears to be calculated off of my Lactate Threshold which is I think my AnT threshold??

    However I am doing the 24 week mountaineering training plan and it does not have me do the AnT threshold test so I swagged a number for TrainingPeaks

    Since I don’t have an AnT threshold, is my TSS basically meaningless even using the fudge factors as recommended?

    Is there a way to Swag that threshold if I was unmotivated to do the treadmill test?


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    Yes, the TSS is based off of your speed at your Lactate Threshold/Anaerobic Threshold. A 100 TSS score is equivalent to going an hour at AnT, so you can base your workouts off of an estimation of that. An hour at aerobic threshold I have found to be about 50 tss. While it’s not necessary, if you’re uninjured I would still recommend doing an AnT test so you can set more accurate zones in TP and use their metrics.

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    …and an AnT test is actually simpler to do than a drift test if you’re looking for AnT HR. Rather than a treadmill, just use any piece of terrain that is consistent for a hard half-hour.

    As Alison said, it’s worth finding out.

    Aerobic Self-Assessment for Mountain Athletes

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