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    Hi Guys,

    Have returned to indoor climbing once a week as a “cross training” alternative to general endurance work for winter ski mountaineering and summer cycling, plus it’s good fun and sociable. I’m now doing 2 x 2 hour sessions on lead wall/auto belays albeit not at a high level as I never was a particularly good rock climber. I have a good break between the two sessions.

    Two questions: 1) is this a useful replacement to one of my two weekly strength endurance sessions (the one remaining very much follows UAs leg biased one) and 2) how should I assess a TSS for this session in Training Peaks. I use the 50-70/hour for more traditional strength endurance sessions.

    Any guidance much appreciated.


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    Shashi on #59013

    The article below provides some guidelines on TSS specific to climbing –

    Understanding and Using the TrainingPeaks Metrics CTL and TSS 

    Regarding your first question, it depends on what you are training for. If you are training for Ski Mountaineering then doing two strength training workouts would be recommended. You can still do indoor climbing but it won’t be a priority.

    derekosborne22 on #59029

    Hi Shashi,

    Thanks for the note back and reference to a very useful article – I need to go back and reassess my climbing sessions as they are “scored” too high (as I kind of expected), and also my hill sessions as I have not included the fudge factor of an additional TSS for every 1000 ft climbing. In the total scheme of things it won’t make much difference to my CTL.

    I kind of expected your last answer – I can still climb, but I won’t get too much direct ski mountaineering benefit from it although as a full body workout it won’t being doing any harm. Consequently, I’ve now added a short leg strength session to one of my standard short cardio sessions to make up. Having reviewed last years efforts, leg endurance rather than cardio needs addressing, hence the focus. Rest assured though, still doing a good volume of Z2 cardio work.

    Cheers and thanks again,

    John Vanek on #60639

    Thanks for referencing this article; I haven’t see it before. Now I get to go back and update the TSS for all my strength and climbing workouts!

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